Black Diaboromon

Author: Rein Date Uploaded: 4 months ago Last Updated: 2 months ago
Deck Views: 1,097 Deck Comments: 4 Primary Deck Color: Black
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Deck Description

Format: BT5
Version 2.3
This deck runs the full Unidentified Type tribal, otherwise known as Diaboromon. The function of this deck is to Digivolve to Diaboromon quickly to produce several Diaboromon tokens. This is then used to rush down the opponent.

Patch Notes:
Version 2.3 (26 Sep 2021) - significant overhaul to run BT2 Diaboromon as the mainstay.
Version 2.2 - Switched back to card draw Tsumemon. Switched Sunarizamon for DP Keramon and a 2 cost.
Version 2.1 - Switched around Diaboromons and and Tsumemons for more aggression.
Version 2.0 - Updated from BT2 to BT5 format. Significant overhaul.

Deck Breakdown

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