Black OTK Control

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Deck Description

Format: BT5
Version: 2.0
This deck seemlessly combines the concepts of OTK and <Blocker> Control.
There are two routes to OTK, and they are as follows:
Primary: P Sunarizamon -> BT2 MetalGreymon -> ST5 BlitzGreymon + BT4 Final Zubagon Punch.
This combo takes 4 cards and 9 memory to pull off. You use BlitzGreymon's <Digi-Burst>, trashing it's Digi-Egg and Level 4 digivolution cards to give it +4,000 DP until the end of the opponent's next turn, setting it to 16,000 DP, this triggers Sunarizamon's <Security Attack+1>. Then, with Final Zubagon Punch, it gains +3,000 DP, <Reboot>, <Blocker>, and another <Security Attack+1> until the end of the opponent's next turn. This <Reboot> then triggers MetalGreymon's <Security Attack+1> for a grand total of 19,000 DP and <Security Attack+1>. BlitzGreymon will be able to do 19,000 DP with <Security Attack+4>, then <Reboot> to <Block> the next turn for 19,000 DP.
Secondary: ST5 Kapurimon -> P Sunarizamon -> BT2 MetalGreymon -> BT3 Craniamon + BT4 Final Zubagon Punch x 2.
This combo takes 5 cards (6 if you count the Kapurimon) and 12 memory to pull off. The Kapurimon sets Craniamon to 13,000 DP, activating Sunarizamon's <Security Attack+1>. The two Final Zubagon Punches will grant Craniamon +6,000 DP, <Reboot>, and <Security Attack+2> until the end of the opponent's next turn. The <Reboot> from this will trigger MetalGreymon's <Security Attack+1>. Craniamon will be able to do 19,000 DP with <Security Attack+4>, then <Reboot> to <Block> the next turn for 18,000 DP.
At such high DP values for the next turn, Yellow will have difficulty removing your Digimon via DP Reduction. And if Craniamon is on the board, Red and Purple will not be able to use effect-based Deletion to remove them.
Both of these strategies may be support for 3 more memory by having another P Sunarizamon on field to grant them <Piercing>.
Following this strategy, you may digivolve into BT3 Omnimon Alter-S to end the turn you attacked with. Omnimon Alter-S will maintain the bonuses from BlitzGreymon's <Digi-Burst> and the Final Zubagon Punches, letting it be a 22,000 or 21,000 DP <Blocker> during the opponent's next turn, and letting you finish the game during your own next turn by returning it's Level 6 digivolution card back to your hand.

Patch Notes:
Version 2.0 - Overhaul to BT5 format. Swapped Omnimon Alter-S for Omnimon Zwart (experiment). Switched back to 4 Blocker eggs. Switched 1 BlitzGreymon for 1 more Craniamon. Switched Megadramon with WaruMonzaemon. Switched 2 Joe Kido for 2 Tai Kamiya. Considering slotting in promo Infermons for their On Play in conjunction with Omnimon Zwart.
Version 1.2 - Swapped for 1 more Reboot Kapurimon and 1 Tankmon for 1 more Craniamon.
Version 1.1 - Swapped out ST5 Agumon for BT2 ToyAgumon to build in some more enduring aggression. Swapped out 2 BT2 Andromon for 2 more ST5 Megadramon to give ST5 BlitzGreymon some access to enduring defense.

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