Black Reboot

Author: Rein Date Uploaded: 4 months ago Last Updated: 3 months ago
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Deck Description

Format: BT5
Version: 2.1
Previously known as "Black Aggression", this deck list received much Reboot support in BT5, and has been updated to Black Reboot. The idea is that at Level 5, your Digimon should be able to start attacking with reckless abandon, as they are equipped with both Reboot and Jamming at that point already. In this iteration of Black Reboot, the two Level 6's I selected are MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon. I selected these two because they are only 3 cost to digivolve, and come with Reboot natively, so no ToyAgumon is necessary. The only ToyAgumon in deck is a 1-of to maybe try to set up Omnimon Alter-S with. MetalMamemon is also a 1-of to maybe recover Omnimon Alter-S from the Trash. A Blazing Storm of Metal! will push both Level 6's to the 13000 DP breakpoint for both Sunarizamon effects, as long as they have the Reboot egg.

Patch Notes:
Version 2.1 - Switched 2 BT2-089 Tai Kamiya for 2 BT5-093 Tai Kamiya & Matt Ishida.
Version 2.0 - Overhaul for BT5 format. Adjusted from a general "aggression" to a Reboot focused aggression.

Deck Breakdown

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