Greymon Tribal

Author: CaptainC319 Date Uploaded: 2 weeks ago Last Updated: 5 days ago
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Deck Description

Gotta love the classics. So with this build I went in a new direction for myself. I went up to 2 copies of A delicate plan for the games against security decks. Next we have 4 copies of the BT1 Wargreymon for added support against security cards. We have Blitzgreymon for the his de-digivole power and his piercing for getting over the blockers. Nokia, Tai, Matt & Tai are excellent for this deck since we are more or less pure Greymon. The 4 Monochromon for some blocker support. The 8 Metalgreymons make for excellent Lvl 5s and finally the Mega Digimon Fusion and Omnimons for those finisher moves. The lack of Gaia Force is intentional to make room for some better options in my opinion. Overall I love this build and can't wait for the next tournament. Status: 5-3.

Deck Breakdown

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