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Updated Pack Opener By k1ngt0 - 1 day ago 22Is there a timeline for how soon packs get added in? Some friends and I are doing a progression-style duel thing and we noticed that BT-12 and higher are not in yet even though BT-12 was released b1 day ago1
Wrong Attribute and missing traits By sdarkpaladin - 1 week ago 60BT9-072 Salamon and ST10-02 Salamon should be Vaccine and not Data.   Also, the "Three Great Angels" Trait is missing from the list. It contains Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubi1 week ago1
What they claimed after Titans training school 7/31 By Luke Tarni - 2 weeks ago 62As I pointed out previously, it was a huge day for the backup quarterbacks at Tennessee Titans training school. Mike Vrabel spoke about Will Levis after practice today: Mike Vrabel on W2 weeks ago1
EX-05 Mislabeled Digimon By valcain - 3 months ago 289+11 month ago3
Fix EX5 Chirinmon Translation By jpatel02 - 1 month ago 388The main effect is "When Digivolving", not "When Attacking". You can tell this just from looking at how the blue text on the main effect and the inherit are both clearly different, yet the translat1 month ago1
API does not show secondary card colors By jotikin - 2 months ago 461Below is the response I got when looking at ShineGreymon with your API. It is evidently being stored as when using your frontend we can filter by secondary color. However, the API does not seem to 2 months ago1
RB-01: Reboot Booster Rising Wind API By goombabt - 2 months ago 455Hi, RB-01: Reboot Booster Rising Wind is not pulling through with the API when searching by packs, RB-01: Resurgence Booster pulls through fine but i keep getting this error: "Excepti2 months ago1
BT15 Images missing. By realsoter - 2 months ago 258BT15 Matt, Metalgarurumon, Wolf of friendship, Machinedramon, Piedmon all have their image missing. Hoping for an update.Thanx in advance!!!2 months ago1
Phascomon Level is missing By ScowlerMonkey - 2 months ago 224ST14-04 Phascomon is showing a Level of null leading to a few problems: - Card is not ordering correctly in decklists. - Counts in level curve of deck builder are not accurate.2 months ago1
Dawn/Dusk Deck Problem By SolderBrite - 3 months ago 266Hello, There is a problem with some of the cards for Dawn/Dusk or Apollomon/Dianamon/GraceNovamon deck with deckbuilder The lvl5s EX05 Flaremon and EX05 Crescemon are considered digi-3 months ago1