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General improvements for the site. By ImpatientTurtle - 1 week ago 60No problem! My bad, I went back to check and it was a D-Reaper deck and I didn't realize it just had the pile of searchers it uses. My brain saw less pictures on screen so I thought less cards. It 1 week ago3
BT12 and EX04 card cannot search or found on Deck build By Potaboiz - 1 week ago 39As the title BT12 and EX04 card cannot search or found on Deck builder please check thank you1 week ago1
Adding Starter Decks? By Mandalore_Knight - 1 month ago 91Hi there, is there a way to add an entire starter deck without having to individually add the cards? Appreciate the help! 1 month ago1
No yellow section on top cards By MagikBased - 1 month ago 240There's no yellow section on the top cards, although I can still get to them by editing the html, so pretty sure it just needs to be added.1 month ago1
API Question - all values for cardrarity By appa014 - 2 months ago 183If you look at each set, either on this site or off the wiki, you can find a full list of the cards with their associated rarity. Typically a rare slot could contain a rare, a super rare, a secret 2 months ago2
BT-04 Pack rarity By monkeysread - 2 months ago 172Hello, On pulling some packs of BT-04 I noticed there is an issue with the card pool. Currently it looks like every card is duplicated as an unknown rarity. The 2 rare slots of the2 months ago1
How to add cards to collection? By CrackerJackHill - 3 months ago 144Hi ya'll, new to the site and this might be a silly question, but how do I add cards to my collection on this site?3 months ago1
Missing Card: Gammamon P-065 By Delt - 3 months ago 208Hey, just wanted the admins or someone to know that a card is missing from the promos: P-065 P Digimon Lv.3 Gammamon Form: Rookie Attribute: Virus Type: Ceratopsian 3 months ago1
A Cube Builder? By Neo-Alpha - 3 months ago 211I really enjoy using this website. However, I do miss a feature to just make a big list without the restrictions of the deck builder. So that I can start making a draft cube for my collection. Is t3 months ago1
EX3 Pomumon Costs 2000 Memory By Skelatox - 4 months ago 331Thanks for pointing this out! The card has now been fixed! 4 months ago2