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OPwanderer13 1 month ago

Hello fellow DigiDestined,

I would like to learn this card game but I'm not sure on where to begin.


I watched videos on how to play and still not use to the mechanics.


All help would be appreciated.

Rein 1 month ago

Check out the free Tutorial App.

OPwanderer13 1 month ago

Next question: how much money am I looking into using?

Rein 1 month ago


Next question: how much money am I looking into using?

This is a complicated question.
The MSRP of product is $4 for booster packs, $96 for a box of 24 booster packs, and $10 for starter decks.
To get playsets of *most* of the necessary cards on your own, you'll need 4 boxes per set, and 2 of each starter deck.
This will run you $364/set.
Alternatively, you may choose to purchase single cards to construct a deck. Most top decks are in the range of $250-$400 in singles. There are some that manage to break into the top end with less than $150.
A new set, and thus a new meta, releases about once every 2 months.
I hope this has helped you answer your questions.