• ColorBlack
  • TypeDigimon - Ultimate
  • NumberBT5-067
  • DP6000
  • Level5
  • Play Cost7
  • AttributeUnknown
  • ArtistTsunemi Aosa
  • SeriesDigimon Card Game

Digivolution Requirements

  • ColorBlack
  • Level4
  • Cost3

Card Effect

Your [Keramon] can digivolve into this card in your hand for a memory cost of 4, ignoring this card's digivolution requirements.

Inherited Effect

[On Deletion] You may play 1 [Diaboromon] Token without paying its memory cost. (Diaboromon Tokens are level 6 white Digimon with a memory cost of 14, 3000 DP, and are Mega form, Unidentified type, and Unknown attribute.)

Card Sets