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selpheed1 (6 hours ago): so i cannot read cards so this deck doesnt work at all like i wanted it to. Ignore this list. ViewGenesis (18 hours ago): This is such a cool concept for a Theme deck! ViewTavlin369 (1 week ago): Considering dropping impmon/beelzemon package to up gabumon to 4 and add 3 labramon and 2 death claw. Input appreciated. ViewChawklett (1 month ago): I agree with Trashmaster, you should definitely use a couple V-Tamer Tai's. The draw power or attack +1000 is really nice, plus it helps with unsuspending your Ulforce from 1.5. ViewTrashmaster games (1 month ago): No vtamer tai? I would think a card that let's you draw would be great in this build ViewGenesis (2 months ago): Interesting. I haven't looked into Blastmon yet ViewGenesis (2 months ago): Interesting deck! ViewGenesis (2 months ago): For reference: ViewKurumi (2 months ago): There is a limited list now and hidden potential is at 1 so to legally play this deck need to cut 2 of them for something else ViewBlackFlameBoss (2 months ago): Lol is the challenge to make the most expensive deck? :) ViewZeonMercer (2 months ago): Literally in the description guy. Idk who did the video though ViewPinkZoneAmy2 (2 months ago): Where's the credit for the YT video? ViewGenesis (2 months ago): FYI you can update your deck on your profile: ViewGenesis (2 months ago): Seadramon was always one of my favorites over Digimon World on the PS1 ViewBlackFlameBoss (2 months ago): You damn digidestined this is my ocean!! ViewGenesis (2 months ago): That is dollar! ViewFhinn (2 months ago): I have a question, the omnimon price is $111, is that dollar or myr or other??? ViewGenesis (2 months ago): Imperialdramon <3 ViewAbsydeAuberon (3 months ago): I was lucky and got two in the two boxes I opened first, so I built my deck around it. Four omni gives more consistency but it's also worth a try, like a "budget" omnimon deck ViewGenesis (3 months ago): Omnimon is still such an expensive card... ViewGenesis (3 months ago): This seems pretty decent! ViewGenesis (3 months ago): Interesting deck description :P ViewGenesis (3 months ago): I really need to try out Lilithmon more... ViewGenesis (3 months ago): V-Nova Blast seems super good ViewGarurumon87 (3 months ago): Jeeze and I thought I was a huge fanboy of tsunomon and his line ViewAgumon88a (3 months ago): kool ViewGarurumon87 (3 months ago): I like it, just seems a little risky being 2 Colors. Later sets will have dual color support I've seen Japanese red/black decks and yellow/purple that are awesome. Personally i think it looks more fun then some of the decks I've seen on here and wanna try it out myself ViewAgumon88a (3 months ago): kool kool ViewGenesis (4 months ago): Nice deck! Viewginareedy (4 months ago): oops sorry think I posted it on the wrong deck but nice deck! Viewginareedy (4 months ago): I like it Viewginareedy (4 months ago): Nice! Viewginareedy (4 months ago): Thank you! Loving what you've done with the site! ViewGenesis (4 months ago): Congrats on your first uploaded deck! ViewGenesis (4 months ago): These new tamer cards are hype ViewGenesis (4 months ago): These retro cards are extremely nostalgic! ViewGenesis (4 months ago): Congrats on being the first person to upload a deck besides me! :D View