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  • Amidamaru (15 hours ago): I'd you're just playing with friends anyway, make some nice proxies. Your friends wouldn't want you to break the bank.
  • NotTylor (16 hours ago): Why play Izzy? You're only playing 6 black cards in the deck - 5 if you exclude the Izzy that's your triggering on play. Also, the only way you're going to play Jijimon is by hard-playing it, which honestly don't feel worth the 10 memory to do so. I like the idea, but I feel like this definitely needs some work.
  • Amidamaru (22 hours ago): Consider subbing in more bt1-010 Agumon since it helps with finding tamers and adding to hand. It doesn't even have a color requirement. Consider cutting Marcus down to facilitate if you need to. LV3 count looks a little on the low side, especially since you're running 4 Nokia.
  • BaneSlayer (3 days ago): Yea pretty much the best of purple and black that I have
  • Rein (3 days ago): Unfortunately, I think you're going to have a hard time in the level 3-5 range with this deck. This just made with what you have?
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