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  • selpheed1 (6 hours ago): so i cannot read cards so this deck doesnt work at all like i wanted it to. Ignore this list.
  • Genesis (18 hours ago): This is such a cool concept for a Theme deck!
  • Tavlin369 (1 week ago): Considering dropping impmon/beelzemon package to up gabumon to 4 and add 3 labramon and 2 death claw. Input appreciated.
  • Chawklett (1 month ago): I agree with Trashmaster, you should definitely use a couple V-Tamer Tai's. The draw power or attack +1000 is really nice, plus it helps with unsuspending your Ulforce from 1.5.
  • Trashmaster games (1 month ago): No vtamer tai? I would think a card that let's you draw would be great in this build
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