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  • acethx (17 hours ago): how is this so expensive  
  • InfernalRyo (2 days ago): So I really like the Bt-7 DarkKnightmon as support for the rest of the strategy. One of his best aspects is his role as a reanimate target for X's deletion effect if DeadlyAxe and SkullKnight are in trash because he can grab both without the need of the Tamer which allows for follow up plays into another Bt-10 DarkKnight when the original is deleted and puts both material on board for the stronger follow up. I also like that he digivolves on top of SkullKnight (with or without the ability) or a Might Axe with both materials. In one of my games versus xros heart I had to dig for pieces so I had to play a reduced Might Axe, digivolve it into a Cavalier, and then digivolve that into a Bt-7 DarkKnight, putting my opponent to a standard 3 memory and holding up a bt-10 I drew into for next turn.
  • ljbosman (3 days ago): I hear what youre saying about level 3s being targets on board... and yeah agumon falling away for digicross isnt great, i would generally just use him either for chipping at security after gaining the memory or if he doesnt die he could be a target for the Magnamon security effect. How do you generally use the BT7 Darkknightmon? It feels very odd to me because im just too used to using Xcross DK. I dont think ive ever played more than 1 of it.Just small comment on why i think Promo Skullknight works quite well is that many of the searches in the deck trashes cards (like Pride mem boost for example) so you could end up trashing one of your tamers, and Promo skull knight is pretty great as a hard play option, and just keep rushing him into security and when he dies you can play that tamer you trashed earlier. Def would not say its a 4 of, but 100% would play 2 or 3 (if able)But thanks for the insight!
  • InfernalRyo (4 days ago): I can totally see the value of of all the card mentioned. I can see the value of the St15 Agumon if you value in hand and on field effects over a potential security effect. The memory gain off the front seems really good for the deck the inheritable I think is less likely since Agumon will fall off during a Digixros. I also like commiting as little to the field as possible in terms of digimon, there's a lot of decks that like having targets on board for their effects and I think most level 3's fall into that.  The SkullKnight Promo is good but because of it's price I haven't been able to play with it or conceptualize the card. It being a twilight and playing a tamer seem really good on paper, not a fan of it being an on deletion because you play it out it does nothing and then you have to find a way to delete him for a tamer when I think you can just play either of the tamers. Original Nene is maybe the best first play in the deck. You setup the blocker anthem and search for one of your xros pieces. The other one isn't even that bad either if you have a rookie in raising as it nets you back memory if they commit to a rookie search and you push your guy up next turn. If you consider running the promo I think it's best use is to play it after you have the original nene on board, block an attack, and then play out either of the tamers. St17 Magnamon looks cool. I could see that as a card to replace Dorumon as the security effect digimon of choice. It's like a cracked version of Chikuri.
  • ljbosman (4 days ago): Love the list. DK was my first deck so im always looking for ways to play it competitively. Have couple questions for you:1. Would ST15 Agumon not be better than Dorumon for the mem gain and inheritable works really well in this deck i feel2. Do you see no space for Promo skullknight? I feel like playing the tamers for full cost makes the deck so much slower, but i could be wrong on that.3. What are your thoughts of including ST17 magnamon's as a spicy security option. Security effect dedigivolves something and then you can digivolve it for free onto any lvl 3 you have on board then its a valid blocker for following attacks as well as bounce something on digivolve   Would love to hear your thoughts
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