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  • zedoktah (21 hours ago): Chaosmon could be swapped for Omnimon Zwart or Zwart Defeat.
  • zedoktah (22 hours ago): I'm still trying to figure out how to fit another Zwart in, I'll update if I find anything successful !
  • Imperius (3 days ago): Before this deck profile I had a hard time with the women. Despite having some shiny cards the women would still stray away from me. After building this deck profile not only has my confidence erupted to its max potential, but the affection women have towards me has also risen. I wouldn't say that I'm a ladies man I just gets ladies, man.
  • JoeRow (1 week ago): You don't have any Tamers in the deck. So Megidramon's skill won't even trigger.
  • JunielWays (1 week ago): this trash control deck makes me rq
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