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  • John_Brick (19 hours ago): Milksteak and jelly beans is my favorite meal.
  • Ryokoichi (1 day ago): Do you try to close the game same turn Gaiomon demolishes all security?
  • Matthyen (3 days ago): Great build! X Antibody for Indomitable is a nice tech. And also, thanks for lore
  • ketomon (3 days ago): Yeah, I've been hearing about this deck, really looking forward to trying it out :D
  • RayfeThegrim (3 days ago): The deck is solid, but I have some recommendations for the option cards.  I recommend Switching both options out for 4x Catastrophe Cannons. Since my experience with the deck has had little for memory gain, Ifind this option doesn't get stuck in my hand to the point of giving too much memory to my opponent. Since CC does a similar De Digivolve effect as Ultimate Flare and has the potential to make a new Diablo token, it's a more powerful card IMO.  If Gewalt Schwarmer's security effect was activate main instead of add to hand I might justify it, but I don't like that it affects my side too. 
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