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  • PWRetro (4 days ago): Competitive edging ?
  • Schenkel98 (5 days ago): You need one purple Level 5  for the Jogress Evolution and both LadyDevimon can trash Lucemon from your Hand. It's Simple.
  • BlackLegChef (6 days ago): Sure will! Notable cards I'm considering to use are the dual color Gatomon. A much cheaper replacement for Ginkaku Promote as well as potentially using Darkness Wave to turbo the trash build up.
  • Brendan (1 week ago): Hey man, been following your beelstarmon decks for a bit and think they are awesome. Will you be revising it for bt8?
  • ShadowSoul720 (1 week ago): Yo, I've gotta give credit where credit is due. I never thought about adding Whamon. Great strat! I agree with TheHighRoll, deck list is very cool. Looks like you had additional cards, or changed the list a bit, but I like it regardless! I'm always interested in Veemon decks. Look up my name, there's a chance you'll find a Veemon centred deck. Kimeramon, BlackWarGreymon and Veemon is another deck I've been fumbling around with ;) Infinite attacks, and great inheritables!
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