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  • DigiWatchTCG (3 days ago): So I'm not sure how consistent the agumon/greymon lvs will be. Suppose you digivolve to black agu in raising. Since decks like this brick, could mean you don't see a black greymon till late. Like the zwart though.
  • jaeb100 (3 days ago): This deck is super cool. Love the use of jijimon with the hina-dragons!
  • Stermes (3 days ago): Hi I am steve, and he did not :)
  • Sheru Muko (5 days ago): This is the most affordable deck I have seen here.  Once you get more of their cards this deck can become extremely dangerous.  I saw this one build that can win in one turn.  It was more purple based however.  But it uses the Megidramon line anyway.  Mainly the Dark counterparts.  Overall I like what you are doing so far.  Keep up the great work.
  • TheGaoGuy (6 days ago): Ground Fang is just a back up card for bricks and a security Bomb, and I run both so if I don't get one at least I have the other.This Deck is a One Turn Knock Out deck so if it doesnt win in one turn it gives the other deck to Attack back, while Grandis barely has any effects against Attacks
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