Awakening of the Golden Knight

  • ColorYellow
  • TypeOption
  • NumberBT9-098
  • DPN/A
  • LevelN/A
  • Play Cost3
  • Attribute / TypeN/A
  • ArtistNakano Haito
  • SeriesDigimon Card Game

Card Effect

While you have a Digimon with the [Armor Form] trait in play, you may use this card without meeting its color requirements. [Main] You may may digivolve 1 of your Digimon with the [Armor Form] trait into a Digimon card with [Magnamon] in its name in your hand, ignoring its digivolution requirements and without paying its memory cost. The Digimon that digivolved with this effect can't have its DP reduced by your opponent's card effects until the end of your opponent's turn.

Security Effect

[Security] Return 1 card with [Magnamon] in its name from your trash to your hand, and add this card to your hand.

Card Sets