• ColorBlack
  • TypeDigimon - Mega
  • NumberBT9-068
  • DP13000
  • Level6
  • Play Cost13
  • Attribute / TypeVirus / Dragonkin
  • Artisttyuga
  • SeriesDigimon Card Game

Digivolution Requirements

  • ColorBlack
  • Level5
  • Cost5

Alt. Digivolution Requirements

<Digivolve: 2 from [BlackWarGreymon]>

Card Effect

This card/Digimon is also treated as having [Greymon] in its name. <Security Attack +1> (This Digimon checks 1 additional security card). <Reboot> (Unsuspend this Digimon during your opponent's unsuspend phase). [When Digivolving] If this Digimon has a black digivolution card, <De-Digivolve 1> on 1 of your opponent's Digimon (Trash up to 1 card from the top of one of your opponent's Digimon. If it has no digivolution cards, or becomes a level 3 Digimon, you can't trash any more cards). If this Digimon has a red digivolution card, <Blitz> (If your opponent has 1 or more memory, this Digimon may attack).

Card Sets