• ColorPurple
  • TypeDigimon - Champion
  • NumberEX5-058
  • DP5000
  • Level4
  • Play Cost5
  • Attribute / TypeVirus / Mollusk
  • ArtistN/A
  • SeriesDigimon Card Game

Card Effect

[On Play] [When Digivolving] If there are 4 or more total Digimon, play 1 [Fujitsumon] Token suspended to your battle area (Digimon/Purple/3000 DP/[All Turns] This Digimon doesn't unsuspend./[On Deletion] Trash 1 card in your hand.). If there are 3 or fewer, play it suspended to your opponent's battle area.

Inherited Effect

[All Turns] [Once Per Turn] When an effect plays an opponent's Digimon, gain 1 memory.

Card Sets