Shu-Chong Wong

  • ColorYellow/ Green
  • TypeTamer
  • NumberEX6-064
  • DPN/A
  • LevelN/A
  • Play Cost4
  • Attribute / TypeN/A
  • ArtistN/A
  • SeriesDigimon Card Game

Card Effect

[On Play] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Add 1 card with the [Beast]/[Beastkin]/[Holy Beast]/[Cherub] trait among them to the hand. Return the rest to the bottom of the deck. [Your Turn] When an effect suspends one of your Digimon, by suspending this Tamer, 1 of your Digimon may digivolve into a Digimon card with the [Beastkin]/[Holy Beast]/[Cherub] trait in your hand with the digivolution cost reduced by 2.

Inherited Effect

[Security] Play this card without paying its memory cost.

Card Sets