Black D-Brigade

Author: Rein Date Uploaded: 4 months ago Last Updated: 3 months ago
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Deck Description

Format: BT5
Version: 2.0
This deck runs the D-Brigade type. The strategy revolves around playing D-Brigade whenever possible, and making costs as cheap as possible when you can't. The top end strategy relies on playing Darkdramon for 3 memory, and using it's Rush (places 5 D-Brigade from your Trash to your Deck). This is followed up by digivolving Darkdramon into Omnimon Zwart, who will move the top 3 cards of your deck into the Trash (moving 1 D-Brigade into your hand, and 3 into the Trash), then play 2 8 cost or less Digimon from your Trash. For our purposes, that would hopefully be a pair of Tankdramon to assist in the Commandramon engine. When attacking with Zwart next turn, you can return it's Darkdramon source to your hand to perhaps play it again.

Patch Notes:
Version 2.0 - Updated to BT5 Format. Massive overhaul based on BT5 Commandramon and BT5 Omnimon Zwart.

Deck Breakdown

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