Black Diaboromon OTK

Author: Rein Date Uploaded: 2 months ago
Deck Views: 579 Deck Comments: 0 Primary Deck Color: Black
Est. Price: $431.00

Deck Description

Format: BT5
Version: 1.0
Description: The primary strategy of this deck is getting P Diaboromon to 13000 DP by using BT2 Tsumemon to give it +2000 DP while a Diaboromon token is on the field, then using the the benefits of Sunarizamon to get further Security Attacks or Piercing. Since the focus for this deck is the Black Diaboromon, I decided to dabble with Omnimon Zwart as the Lv.7 instead of Armageddemon. Mega Digimon Fusion will use the Diaboromon tokens as its White enabler in the Battle Area. You want to play the P Infermon with Omnimon Zwart where possible to use their De-Digivolution effects.

Deck Breakdown

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