Fang Over Fang - Garurumon x Cerberusmon Tagteam

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Deck Description

This deck focuses on board control through its use of retaliation, optioncards, and digimon.  

1. The Puppers
The digi-eggs all focus on draw power to cycle through your deck.

2. The Good Boys
Gabumons are there for the on play synergy with nokia and tsunomon, draw power through inherited effects, and lowcost security checks.
Labramon for on-play drawing.
Gazimon will help deal with memory option cards and effects.

3. Bite Is Worse Than Its Bark
The deck has mostly two cost level 4 cards, but with the addition of a Nokia Tamer, they can be digivolved into for a cost of 1 Memory.
Devimon is a cheap retaliation card that can be used to trade with your opponents higher cost cards.
This deck has three blockers in the form of 1 devimon and 2 Vilemon so that level 3 cards can't swing over it.

4. Reinforcements Arrive.
Cerberusmon is nice since on deletion it gives a +1 card in hand and activates Tsunomons inherited effect which can result in you drawing 3 cards and discarding 1.  
Cerberusmon: Werewolf Mode has a few interactions.  You can play it for free with rush, draw 2 cards/discard 1, and then digivolve into Plutomon which activates an option card with a cost of 6 or lower.  More on Werewolf Mode down below.

5. The Wolf Pack
The Mega Evolutions is where the deck can really put opponents under with its use of high cost option cards.  Both MetalGarurumon and Plutomon can be digivolved for low cost due to Nokia.  

Hells Gate will cover any level 6+ digimon, while Earth Shaker will cover one unsuspended level 4 and 5.

6. The End Game
Omnimon Zwart can be used to summon Devimon with retaliation as well as Cerberusmon, giving you a free trade and/or a cost-free play of Cerberusmon: Werewolf Mode.

7.  The Partners.
Matt works well to stop you from being memory choked, specially since many of this deck's digivolutions are at a cost of 3.  Its on play effect allows you to regain one of your option cards for use with a digiburst/digivolution/On-play.

More thoughts to come...

Deck Breakdown

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