Veemon Armor/Ulforce mixed deck

Author: Robby Date Uploaded: 2 weeks ago
Deck Views: 355 Deck Comments: 1 Primary Deck Color: Blue
Est. Price: $165.00

Deck Description

The idea is to use raidramon to take out low dp targets early, flamedramon to hit security, magnamon later once you have many armor digimon in the trash cause it could techincally reach +22k dp with its effect if all the other armor digmon are in the trash (I could be wrong about this). You would want to save the ulforce for a warp digi from ST8 veemon, and use the on play effect of whamon to place gabubond or hexeblau under an armor digi so that if it "dies" It de-digivolves into hexe or gabubond. If ulforce is placed under an armor digi you can suspend the armor to attack (raidramon is quite weak) if it dies you can use v-tamer tai to unsuspend due to main phase ability.

Deck Breakdown

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