Could we get some updates to the Digimon card generator

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OPTaka 11 months ago

It's really barebones and I'd like to see some new features! For example... 

1. Exporting at the full resolution. It exports at really low res and squishes the image.

2. Able to crop/move/resize the image in the generator.

3. Able to make Eggs and Tamers.

4. Able to make multi-color cards, with multi-color Digivolution costs.

5. Implementing keyword tags like [Blocker], [Once Per Turn] and such as images rather than raw text. Possibly able to create custom keyword tags.

6. Able to add traits to the image.

7. Able to add a custom set number.

8. Change the font to something a little closer to the one used on actual cards.

So... any chance of any of this stuff actually happening? Cause I'd love to make some custom cards, but as it stands the generator isn't very good...