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Cheapest Cards
DoKunemon$0.02Dimensional Phase
Footmon$0.02Across Time
Jokermon$0.02Across Time
Swimmon$0.03Across Time
Elecmon$0.04Release Special Booster
Meramon$0.04Battle of Omni
Triceramon$0.04Battle of Omni
Deramon$0.04Battle of Omni
Jokermon$0.04Battle of Omni
Devimon$0.04Classic Collection
Most Popular Cards
Davis Motomiya$4.39Release Special Booster
Davis Motomiya (Alternate Art)$4.75Starter Deck 12: Jesmon
Ice Wall!$1.14Classic Collection
Calling From the Darkness$0.89The Next Adventure
Calling From the Darkness$20.00Next Adventure Pre-Release Cards
Calling From the Darkness$21.12Next Adventure Pre-Release Cards
Red Memory Boost!$2.56Digimon Promotion Cards
Red Memory Boost! - P-035 (Next Adventure Box Promotion Pack)$12.57Digimon Promotion Cards
Blue Memory Boost!$2.62Digimon Promotion Cards
Blue Memory Boost! - P-036 (Next Adventure Box Promotion Pack)$10.71Digimon Promotion Cards