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Cheapest Cards
Sangomon$0.03Great Legend
Flarerizamon$0.05Release Special Booster
Digitamamon$0.05Release Special Booster
Psychemon$0.05Release Special Booster
Penguinmon$0.05Release Special Booster
Blimpmon$0.05Great Legend
Meteor Shower$0.05Battle of Omni
Kokatorimon$0.06Release Special Booster
Liollmon$0.06Release Special Booster
V-Nova Blast$0.06Release Special Booster
Most Popular Cards
Gaia Force$3.24Starter Deck 01: Gaia Red
Gaia Force - ST1-16 (Tamer's Evolution Box)$106.14Digimon Promotion Cards
Gaia Force - ST1-16 (Tamer's Evolution Box)$150.00Digimon Promotion Cards
T.K. Takaishi$6.76Release Special Booster
T.K. Takaishi (Alternate Art)$19.11Release Special Booster
Matt Ishida - BT2-090 (Alternate Art)$15.22Release Special Booster
Matt Ishida - BT2-090 (Alternate Art)$19.72Release Special Booster
Matt Ishida - BT2-090$1.99Release Special Booster
Hammer Spark$2.06Starter Deck 02: Cocytus Blue
Hammer Spark - ST2-13 (Tamer's Evolution Box)$72.89Digimon Promotion Cards