Black RagnaLoardmon

Author: Rein Date Uploaded: 2 months ago Last Updated: 1 week ago
Deck Views: 687 Deck Comments: 3 Primary Deck Color: Black
Est. Price: $207.00

Deck Description

Format: BT5
Version: 2.3
This deck attempts to maximize usage of the Legend-Arms tribal in the Black color, with the inevitable splash of Red.
Patch Notes:
Version 2.3 (18 Sep 21) - Switched a Durandamon for a Craniamon to improve reliability against Red and Purple decks.
Version 2.2 - Switched in a couple Gogmamon to help mitigate DP reduction.
Version 2.1 - Upped the toolbox with Chuumon to hopefully curb Lilith Loop. Squeezed a Craniamon in.
Version 2.0 - Overhaul for BT5 format. Toolboxed the list.
Version 1.1 - Switched out Gogmamon, Hagurumon, and 2 Commandramon for 4 Agumon. Switched 4 Reboot ToyAgumon for 4 Draw ToyAgumon.

Deck Breakdown

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