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Advice with Venusmon Hybrid? By LTheFifteenth - 5 months ago 457Hey all. I am helping my partner build a Venusmon deck when BT10 comes out in English and they mentioned they want to develop a hybrid. I've peeked at other builds with it but something does5 months ago1
Hi i'd like some deck advice By Onai - 7 months ago 793Hi im very newe to the game (I play/judge alot of other tcgs tho) I started this mostly to play with a few friends i wont be entering tournaments and i dont intend on spending a ton of money on thi7 months ago1
Black Deck Pointers By nightwing51214 - 9 months ago 652also you can just ignore all this if you like, it's your deck. don't let me make it my deck.7 months ago3
OTK Deck with Cresgarurumon and BT7 hybrid By Caicai - 1 year ago 768Just created a purple OTK deck with BT7 hybrid, not sure if it is any good. Could there be any improvement that can be made to improve this, i really want to improve the this deck with the current 1 year ago1
Which should I run in the current meta? By Enlils_vessel - 1 year ago 1473I'm gonna be getting into the game soon finally, and I've got a few deck lists that I've been really looking forward to running but I wanted to get opinions on which is more relevant for the meta, 1 year ago1
Any known stores that carry digimon tcg? By XombieDigiKing - 1 year ago 818I'm hoping Gamestop start picking it up somewhat. While they don't tend to have a good deal of stock here for Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokémon they usually always have something. It wou1 year ago3
So multi color decks seem to be allowed ? By XombieDigiKing - 1 year ago 839Ha noce i just got a yellow rize greymon in the booster pack you get when you buy a starterdeck and like I said above mastemon which is I guesss up in price not that i care about prices but nice to1 year ago3
Possible Deck about Purple CresGarurumon By Okamisoul - 1 year ago 1587TheEgman: Hey! I would love to help you with the deck! Can you make a first draft with the 1 year ago3